NRG Is A Highly Experienced Weekly Networking Group That Works Closely With All It’s Members.

NRG Groups

  • Givers Attitude :: Business appearsfrom unexpected avenues when you focus on providing referrals and connections for others in the group.
  • Builds Business Relationships
  • Professional Expertise at hand
  • Provides professional development through Expert-led Weekly Business Education Talks
  • Other professionals keep you top of mind when their contacts require products and services
  • The extended network of people – brings work in; reliable for your business needs; confidently refer to your valued clients (making you look good in the process)
  • Actively encouraged to form collaborative partnerships & strategic alliances with members creates accelerated business growth
  • Integral participation with gold class members
  • At NRG our Unique Success Factor of our Business Groups is to foster collaborative partnerships underpinned by Expert-led Business Development. Groups are exclusively category specific and are capped at 30 members to ensure premium interaction and an ongoing flow of referrals for the members, increasing as member numbers grow.
  • Interaction between members in other NRG groups is strongly encouraged to generate the maximum opportunities.
  • Accelerated business growth for all members is the optimum goal.