Data Backup and Security

Why is a backup solution so important?

Upon evaluating your need to implement a company-wide backup strategy, consider these facts*:

  • 25% of all businesses do not reopen following a major computer disaster!
  • 70% of small firms that experience a major loss of data go out of business within a year!
  • 75% of users do not run regular backups!
  • 37% of users backup less than once a month!
  • 22% of users said backup was on a to-do list but rarely done!
  • The ONLY defence against Ransomware Viruses.

We have two types of Online Offsite Backup Services.

Option 1: Time Out Computers DataVault, Powered By Infrascale. For 0 to around 200GB.

Option 2: Time Out! Computers DataVault, Powered By DirectNET. For up to 1TB or more.

All Data is stored in Australia, Guaranteed.

Time Out! Computers DataVault,
Powered by Infrascale.

  • From 5GB to 200GB of Data.
  • Unlimited Number of Computers
  • Global Roaming Access to your files
  • One Click File & Folder Sharing
  • Unlimited Versioning & Archiving, & Powerful Recovery
  • Enhanced Security & Privacy
  • Fully flexible scheduling
  • Liveprotect
  • Intelligent file filters
  • Enterprise compression & transfer systems
  • Windows and Apple software

Available Plans:

  • 5GB of Storage – $11.50 Per Month
  • 10GB of Storage – $16.50 Per Month
  • 20GB of Storage – $26.50 Per Month
  • 30GB of Storage – $33.00 Per Month
  • 50GB of Storage – $44.00 Per Month
  • 100GB of Storage – $55.00 Per Month
  • 150GB of Storage – $66.00 Per Month
  • 200GB of Storage – $88.00 Per Month

Time Out! Computers DataVault,
Powered by Directnet.

Setup for larger data sizes, up to 1TB or more of Data.

Initial backup is done to an external hard drive that is sent back to us, we take it to the data centre, upload it to the backup server, the backup software will see this as its first backup, and will see the data once it is loaded onto the backup server.

There is no need to backup a large amount via the internet.

Incremental backups begin via the internet as soon as the backup to external hard drive is completed.

Windows and Microsoft Server software only.
License per Computer/Server.

Available Plans:

  • 1TB of Storage – $55.00 Per Month
  • 2TB of Storage – $99.00 Per Month