I have a serious complaint! My wife and I have been in Australia (ex New   Zealand) now for over two years and we have purchased a lot of stuff including a   caravan, two cars, innumerable tools, 3 air conditioners and one computer. Over   this period of time, the failure rate of the items we have purchased has been in the 70% range or higher. We have been mucked about, put off and have several   times had to cut our losses with expensive items including a refrigerater, two mobile phones and an expensive air conditioner. (That is on-going) My complaint is. . . you don’t fit the local business profile; where nobody cares about you. Time Out Computers is the exception to the rule.

Since then, I have added upgrades to the computer, including a dual core processor, (on your advice) and added RAM.(Also on your tecnichian’s advice).   Each and every time I have visited your store or called you on the phone, I have   recieved exceptional service, no-nonsense advice and customer service over and   above what one might expect in a moderate size town. Recently, I had an issue   with newly installed RAM and needed new Graphic Card drivers as the computer was   crashing. In the last week or so since bringing the computer back to your   technician, this computer has not failed once and my wife and I are enjoying our   high-end graphics games without a hitch! Well Done guys, you have a stand-out   and exceptional business in this town!

Harvey Norman and Clive Peters could learn some lessons from you guys. They don’t stand behind their product. I would reccommend Time Out Computers to   anyone considering buying a new computer. Thanks for your time and look forward to doing business with you in the future as I know we will be looked   after.