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Hosted Services (Cloud Services)

Time Out! Computers Hosted Services are a business enabler. We make software and services more affordable for small to medium sized businesses through to the largest of Companies by bringing you significant cost savings, better security, greater flexibility and mobility plus better business continuity.
Gone are the days of an “On-Premise”, “In-House” Server.
Why? I hear you ask, please read on to find out.

They have next to no scalability and they require constant upgrading, which means expensive Company downtime. In addition to this is the cost of the upgrade, generally required every 3 to 5 years.

If your Server breaks down, your Company comes grinding to a halt until your IT Support Provider can repair it and get it back up and running. The Server you could afford to purchase for your “On-Premise” Server would not even be close to the quality, processing power and size of our Data Centre Servers.

“Having your data in the cloud offers many benefits. It allows for easier flow of information with employees anywhere in the world. It also allows for safe and easy remote backup of files and data, and major cost savings.”

All of our Hosted (Cloud Based) Servers, are constantly upgraded, maintained, and monitored. They are connected to multiple high-speed Internet connections by various internet providers.

Time Out! Computers offers the ultimate in resilience, data protection and high performance per dollar, and there’s little to no capital expenditure.

You can easily have new user accounts added as you grow, or removed if you need to downsize.
The only cost is the rise or reduction in your Monthly Payment.

All Microsoft software licensing is accounted for in your Monthly Payment per user. Time Out! Computers can affordably cater for 2 to 3 users through to a Company as big as you can grow it.

Pay only for what you use.
If our physical servers run into any issues, your virtual Server will be moved to the next available physical server in an instant, and you won’t even notice it. There’s no Downtime to your Company. We’re able to take the physical Server offline, repair it and have it back up and running with no interruption to your business day, and no dent in your bottom line.

The quality, processing power and size of our Data Centre Servers are of the calibre that no Business would consider purchasing for their own Internal “On-Premise” use.

Most Business are now looking towards Hosted Services (Cloud Based Services).

Types of Hosted (Cloud) Services Time Out! Computers Provides.

Australian Hosted and Owned

Time Out! Computers data centres are hosted in Australia hence provide low latency, local access and comply with data sovereignty requirements. Low latency is achieved through our presence in Australia and our customers are seeing major improvements in speed to the overseas hosted servers. As an Australian owned and hosted provider we comply with Australian data protection requirements, therefore you can have the confidence that your personal data is not transferred out of Australia.

Maximum Security for Your Company’s Data

At Time Out! Computers, security is at the forefront when we develop, implement and manage cloud products and services. Cloud Servers are exclusively hosted in Australian Data Centres with Tier III uptime. They comply with very detailed and validated security and redundancy requirements.
These are the questions you need to ask before going to Hosted Services (Cloud Based Services) or if you’re already using Hosted Services (Cloud Based Services).
Are these points covered by your current Hosted Services (Cloud Based Services) supplier?

1. Are you in the Not for Profit, Medical, Financial, Government or Legal Professions/Fields?

2. Are you required to abide by the APP (Australian Privacy Principles)?

3. Do you know where your Data will be stored, or is stored?

4. Do these data storage companies adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles

5. Did you know Businesses and Companies can pay penalties for serious or repeated breaches of the Privacy Act of up to $1.7 million?

6. Who owns/controls your data?

7. How much control do you retain over your data?

8. Do they replicate your data to other sites? (Redundancy)

9. Do you know and understand Data Sovereignty?

10. Do you know and understand Latency?

11. How scalable is their system?

12. Is the Hosted Services (Cloud Based Services) provider able to be your Trusted IT Partner at the same time?

13. Did you realise that storing your Data with an overseas company, is more than likely breaking the Australian Privacy Principles Even if the company has Australian Servers, but the company itself is based overseas, they are still governed by their own Countries laws etc.

14. Did you know if you are not a Citizen of the Country your Data is stored in, the security of your Companies’ data is at a high risk of being compromised and/or petitioned?

15. Latency and Data Sovereignty need to be your two major concerns!

Reasons why you should use Time Out! Computers Hosted Services.

Developed, hosted and secured in Australia

As an Australian owned and hosted provider we comply with Australian data protection requirements, as such you have full confidence that your Company data is not transferred out of Australia, Guaranteed. At Time Out! Computers security is at the forefront when we develop, implement and manage Hosted (Cloud) infrastructure and services.

Unprecedented Support

Email support via our Ticketing System that logs every email request sent to The Ticket is then logged into a que and becomes available to the next available Technician.
All communications about the job are logged, including work completed, and the times the Technician is logged against that job.

Our phone support is 24 X 7 via our qualified team based here in Australia. After Hours support can be built into your MSA. Customer reviews endorse the high quality and responsiveness.