IT/ICT Managed Services Agreements (MSA).

At Time Out! Computers, the Managed Services Agreement (MSA) is our Guarantee to manage and monitor your IT/ICT infrastructure proactively and responsibly.

This will:

  • Keep your IT Systems in service to your satisfaction
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Reduce risk
  • Lower the TCO of your IT infrastructure to the lowest limits possible, and
  • Keep your Company/Business running, stable and profitable.

Using the MSA Model, we take pre-emptive measures to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. Therefore it is seen by all of our Clients as a superior IT support model, because as an MSP we proactively monitor and manage customers’ IT systems and offer a billing structure that customers can control through our SLAs.

What are they, and how can I as a Client Benefit Big Time?

Managed Services Agreement (MSA) put simply, is one fixed monthly fee to cover unlimited Phone Support, Remote Support and Onsite Support, and is guaranteed to bring your Costly Downtime to an absolute minimum, if not Zero Downtime. It’s all about you, the Customer and having your IT/ICT (information and communications technology – or technologies) work for you.
Time Out! Computers can tailor an MSA package to suit your IT/ICT and Budget requirements.

What is peace of mind like that worth, to you and your Company?

Why should I use or move to Time Out! Computers MSA?

Time Out! Computers MSA’s integrate with a piece of software that is installed on your workstations and Servers. Monitoring all aspects of the Hardware and Software, scanning it for any changes in operation and either rectifying it or notifying us that there is an issue for us to resolve, the monitoring is a 24/7 operation. This takes your companies IT/ICT from Break and fix, (meaning when it breaks down you call us and we come out and fix it) to Preventative and Proactive Maintenance where we catch issues before there is a breakdown. Once again, this keeps Costly Downtime to an absolute minimum if not Zero Downtime.

Why would you want to take time away from doing what you do best and makes you money, to put out IT fires that can cost you hours of time to your Business?
When on an MSA with Time Out! Computers, support is already paid for, so your staff can call us instantly, without even taking time out of your day, and have everything running smoothly with time to spare. A lot of times, small problems can be fixed in minutes, which can normally take a person hours if they don’t manage IT/ICT all day, every day.

The Team at Time Out! Computers along with over 1100 vetted and tested IT Contractors, can cover any Company or business in any part of Australia or New Zealand. We already have Clients with multiple offices in cities Australia-wide.

Why should I take on Time Out! Computers MSA if I already have internal IT Support People?

Why would you want to pay $60k, $80K or $100K a year to internal IT employee’s that costs you Superannuation, sick days, holidays and workers comp? Time Out! Computers can look after your IT via our Managed Services, giving you 24/7 coverage for a lot less and have one of our Qualified Technicians drop in onsite as often as you require, plus for emergency breakdowns. Our cost is not a drain on your bottom line but a tax deduction you can claim.

As our Qualified Technicians deal with a number of different businesses and the different scenarios each client’s business provides, this ensures our Technicians are learning something new on a daily basis, and have their knowledge tested multiple times a day. Under our Managed Services, we will proactively audit and recommend remedies to weak points and holes in your IT System until we have plugged them all. Along with ongoing recommendations to future proof your businesses IT System as it grows.

Benefits of an MSA to your Company or Business.

How you and your Company/Business benefits:

  • Remove the stress and anxiety of your IT/ICT system from what keeps you up at night.
  • One email address and one number to use for all your IT requirements, 24/7.
  • Keep Costly Downtime to an absolute minimum if not zero.
  • You’ll save time and money. Watch your IT/ICT TCO drop.
  • No unexpected or untimely invoices.
  • Tailored and flexible MSA plans suited to your business
  • Guaranteed response times in our SLA’s (Service Level Agreements)
  • A fixed monthly cost on all support.
  • You’ll get proactive and timely communication from us.
  • We always use best practice
  • Pro-active and preventative rather than reactive infrastructure support.
  • Flexibility and scalability as your business grows.
  • Improved IT/ICT systems reliability
  • Honest advice and guidance
  • Assistance and adequate consultation with all IT/ICT Strategies
  • A dedicated IT/ICT department, just for you and your Company/Business.