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Hosted Services (Cloud Services)

We cover the full range of Hosted (Cloud) Services, not just Office 365.
We specialise in building a custom solution to suit your Business or Company.
Our Solutions offer many benefits. Easier flow of information with employees anywhere in the world. Safe and easy backup of all data, and major cost savings.
You keep 100% ownership of your data and nothing goes offshore. Guaranteed.
Along with more than 10 reasons why you should use our Hosted (Cloud) Services.

Managed ICT\IT Services and Agreements (MSA)

This is our Guarantee to manage and monitor your IT/ICT infrastructure proactively and responsibly. Either via remote or onsite assistance within minutes, Australia and New Zealand wide. Learn how we can take your “Break and Fix” Maintenance, to Preventative and Proactive Maintenance, keeping costly Downtime to an absolute minimum, if not Zero. Click “Learn More” to see the reasons why we are your first choice, and how it can be utilised to replace the cost of you current internal IT.

Data Backup and Security

With the invention of the variations of Ransomware. Online Offsite backup it the ONLY form of backup with no vulnerabilities including any version of Ransomware.
The most fallible part of a computer is its Hard Drive, so why would you think backing up on another Hard Drive was the thing to do? USB drives are just as fallible. Tape Drives die. With the fast advancement of Technology these days, do you think there will be a Tape Drive available to read your current tapes?

Online Security, Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware

Malware poses one of the largest security threats to every company. As devices become increasingly interconnected and the number of threats in the wild exponentially increase, it is vital to ensure that each endpoint has antivirus protection, to not only protect that specific computer but by extension the whole network it will connect to.

To meet this requirement we have developed a Managed Antivirus solution deployed, monitored, reported on and administered directly from the Dashboard, with the option to allow end-user interaction if required (run scans, update threat definitions etc.)

Remote IT\ICT Support

Phone and Remote Support is now a very popular and efficient way of supporting you and your companies ICT infrastructure, saving companies many dollars and making ICT Companies more effective in keeping the cost of Downtime to an absolute minimum. Combine Remote support with the added assistance of an MSA and the 24 hour remote monitoring system it provides, makes for the ultimate in ICT support and minimal if not Zero downtime.