Swear by Time Out! Computers

You’re not alone, These valuable clients do… 

Aerofast Australia Pty LTD, have given all their Computer needs to Time Out Computers for the past 9 years.

Ross Bladin (the owner) was advised of the need for urgent assistance should any problems occur at any time.

Ross and Time Out Computers have exceeded our expectations wit many machines being purchased and the service being top class.
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would like to personally thank Ross Bladin and his team for their continued support of my computer and printer needs over the past 18 months or so. Ross and his team have always responded to my computer distress with promptness, efficiency and above all TACT, His team always:
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Robyn Pappas

I have a serious complaint! My wife and I have been in Australia (ex New Zealand) now for over two years and we have purchased a lot of stuff including a caravan, two cars, innumerable tools, 3 air conditioners and one computer. Over this period of time, the failure rate of the items we have purchased has been in the 70% range or higher. We have been mucked about, put off and have several times had to cut our losses with expensive items including a refrigerater, two mobile phones and an expensive air conditioner. (That is on-going) My complaint is. . . you don’t fit the local business profile; where nobody cares about you. Time Out Computers is the exception to the rule.
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Greg & Jacqui Lee, Biloela QLD