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VoIP Phone Systems

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In effect this means that you can make phone calls using an internet connection. In the past here in Australia telephone calls were traditionally made using older copper line technology. In modern days and especially with the nation converting to the NBN eventually all phone calls will be made this way.

VoIP has been around for some time in business and you may have used the technology without even knowing it. If you have ever used an application like Skype or Facetime then you have made a call using VoIP.

VoiP works by taking your voice when a call is made and turning it into digital data. When your call connects through to the person on the other end it is converted back into an audio signal.

Our VoIP Services

At Time Out! Computers we can assist your business to make the transition to VoIP smoothly. Whether you are a single person business or have hundreds of employee’s we can provide a VoIP solution. Our preferred VoIP solution is a flexible platform capable of providing multiple services including video calling, voice calling, video conferencing and much more.