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Ross Bladin

Sales Director

When and why did you start in the IT Industry?

In 1988, the large company I worked for decided to computerise their systems. To bring our level of computer knowledge up, they made us an offer to purchase a computer through the Company at a heavily discounted price. They also supplied a letter allowing us to claim any software and hardware purchases for the computer as a tax deduction. For that reason I bought a lot of software to play with- Norton’s Utilities and Word Perfect to name a few. I also gradually made some upgrades on the computer. My interest and love of IT just grew and grew from there!
As my knowledge grew, I was often asked by friends and family to help them purchase a computer or setup a new computer and help out with issues as time went on.

Give us a few highlights of your IT history up to starting Time Out! Computers?

After purchasing the computer from the large company I worked for in 1988, I teamed up with a small business in Cairns called “The Small Business Help Shop”. They would produce a newsletter that was regularly sent out to members, showing us all the great ways we could start a small business using a PC. Through the help and support of The Small Business Help Shop, I purchased (from the USA) a piece of Hardware and Software that could be installed into a PC to run four telephone lines, as a check in support system for the sick and elderly. Unfortunately that business went belly up, as I needed more than just technical experience and a larger capital to make it happen.

Consequently I turned what I had into a BBS (Bulletin Board System), At its peak we had in excess of 450 paying members and over 20Gig of shareware online available for download. This BBS was called “Time Out! BBS”. This was pre 2K and pre Internet, running four telephone lines with Dialup Modems attached. I was getting quite a bit of work through the BBS. Eventually in August 1998 I started Time Out! Computers, as I was hoping to transfer the rapport and relationships I had built on the BBS to my new business. It didn’t quite work out that way, but here we are many years down the track still going, bigger and better than ever.

What is your current role at Time Out! Computers? What do you enjoy most about it?

I am the Managing Director and Owner of Time Out! Computers Australia Pty Ltd. My main role is Sales person, of course I have a number of other minor roles as well. Along with Sales I also enjoy doing the Marketing. Most of all I love visiting my Clients and coming up with awesome solutions to move their business forward into the future. Assisting them to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum, and have their IT Equipment/Systems work for and assist them in their day to day business, not the other way around.

What would you like to tell us about yourself?

As I said previously, I enjoy interacting with people. I love a good joke and a laugh. I used to be a whopping 168 kg’s, but with a change in lifestyle (For the good) I have now lost a little over 60KG’s (Still more to lose), and feel great. I love and keep in touch with my family as much as possible, I have four Sons, two daughter in-laws and two Grandchildren. I love and cherish them all.

Tell us about one or more of your hobbies?

I enjoy playing the guitar. I have a 12 String and a 6 String, but I enjoy the 12 String sound the most. I love my V8’s and fast cars. I currently own and cherish a 2009 Series One HSV Clubsport.